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Banana Boat Miami

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Banana Boat in Miami – Speedy Thrilling Water Ride

Are you looking for a fun experience to enjoy? The Miami banana boat is the perfect choice for people of all age groups. This adventure will provide you with 100% of wet excitement you can handle. Note that you will at least fall in the water once, and it may be unexpected. You can capture the unforgettable moment by a camera and share adorable photos with your friends on social media. 

Banana boat ride in Miami ensures nice and professional staff that does its job providing you with hassle-free reservation and riding. You can order the entertainment for your birthday or just as a part of everyday rest on the beach in FL. The inflatable banana-shaped boat is a reliable and completely safe vessel for a water trip.

Miami Banana Boat – Get Flipped off the Boat!

Banana boat ride in Miami Beach is a family-friendly activity and besides, it is one of the most fun, safe, and affordable water sports in the city. Consider some of some features to see your benefits:

  • The inflatable “banana” raft seats up to 6 passengers. 
  • A powerful and maneuverable jet ski pulls the boat along the water.
  • Life jackets ensure your complete security.
  • The licensed, experienced, and skillful captain helps you out of water.

Banana ride in Miami also features flexible departure time and a loyal cancellation policy to satisfy the requirements of all our guests. The price is below average and the ride’s duration is up to 30 min. It’s quite enough to enjoy the trip and surroundings, azure ocean waters and steep curves. Bear in mind that the duration of a ride is dependable on weather conditions.

Banana Boat Ride in Miami – Tips to Consider

While enjoying a banana boat ride on the south beach of Miami, you can also take insights of the area – luxurious buildings, fancy yachts, golden beaches, beautiful seaside promenades, etc. Banana boat tours in Miami feature the highest caliber of comfort if you consider some useful tips below:

  • Use sunscreen to avoid burns.
  • Make sure you can at least swim a little.
  • Don’t demand higher speeds from a driver since he cannot exceed the capacity of the boat.
  • Sit still and don’t try to surprise others with stunts.
  • Escape placing your hands/feet through the handles or the towing harness.

If you follow the recommendations and the captain’s instructions before a ride, your trip will be extreme and safe simultaneously. Make a banana boat ride in Miami a part of your adrenaline tour. Hop aboard a banana vessel and savor beautiful landscapes of Miami Beach while riding around the bay at high speeds with breakneck twists.  

Things to know before you book

*You WILL fall in the water AT LEAST once.

*Weight limits: 100 lbs minimum – 250 lbs. maximum.

*Must be physically fit to get on the banana boat on your own.

*Must be at least 10 years or older to ride.

*Any person 14 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult.

*Kids under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for them.

*We don’t allow women who are pregnant. We highly recommend people that have back or heart problems do not go in any of our rides. If you have any other health conditions and aren’t sure if you should ride, contact your doctor before doing the activity.

*Route and duration subject to change depending on weather conditions.

* Single or double banana boat have the same experience. We usually take our customers on the single banana boat as it is more comfortable.

*If you wish to re-schedule or cancel your reservation, you must do it with at least 24 hours in advance. If not done within that frame of time, you will lose your ticket or the possibility of re-scheduling for another date. No-shows will also lose their opportunity to rebook or refund their tickets. If you are making a reservation for the same day, or out of our 24 hours in advance policy, client accepts there are no reschedules, cancellations or refunds.

*Any reservation done out of our 24 hour cancellation policy will be considered a final sale with no option to change, cancel, or refund the total amount paid. Make sure you can be at our location at least 30 minutes prior to the time you are choosing.

*Check our FAQ for more information on our activities!

Frequently Asked Questions:

🥇 What Is Banana Boat?

Banana Boat Is an inflatable banana-shaped, traditionally yellow-colored watercraft. Its capacity is usually 6–8 people. Note that the boat lacks independent engine. It should be towed to a jet boat or another speedy boat by a rope. Banana water ride is a kind of game. The speedy boat’s captain drives to the sea, shaking the “banana” for fun. 

🥇 Is Banana Boat Sunscreen Safe?

If the weather is hot and sunny, it’s better to use sunscreen. However, the duration of the ride is too short to let you sunburn. It usually lasts for several minutes. Still, much depends on the type of skin. For example, individuals with sensitive or pale skin should always use sunscreen, regardless of how long they stay in the sun.

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