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Pontoon Boat Rental Miami

Pontoon 22' (up to 6 passengers) 2 Hours

Pontoon Boat Rental in Miami for Family, Friends, and Groups

Pontoon boat rental in Miami is the opportunity to make a comfortable and safe cruise together with your family and friends. Large, spacious floorboards and accommodating seating make this watercraft convenient for all people despite their age. Besides, the vessels are suitable for a wide range of activities including fishing and tubing but not racing of course. 

So, whether you dream about a sandbar party, family trip, friend’s day festivities or office parties, apply for the pontoon rental in Miami. Outstanding custom service allows enjoying sights of Florida to the full. You can rent a boat with the captain to get rid of bothering operating the vessel.

Pontoon Rental in Miami – What Can You Get for Pennies 

The company provides top-quality service and budget-friendly pricing since you pay for outing rather than for persons. Consider some more benefits to enjoy:

  • You may not only invite guests but also take on board food and drinks.
  • The captain has a license and he is a true expert in Miami’s attractions.
  • Modern boats are in mint condition to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Such extras as ice in coolers extend your various powers on a pontoon boat in Miami.
  • The departure time is flexible: it starts from 9 am but then you can book any convenient hours for boating. 
  • The cancellation policy is loyal and fair. 

The pontoon boat rental in Miami Beach provides great boats with good horsepower rating, durable construction, deep sitting, and a sunshade. Speaking about some restrictions, bear in mind your age, and if you are under 18, the company of a grown-up (parent, relative or guardian) is required. Besides, pregnant women cannot take part in entertainment. The maximum weight of passengers and their stuff cannot exceed 1,300 pounds. 

Pontoon Boat Rental in Miami – Your Adventure Awaits

Pontoon boat rental in Miami FL allows visiting any of the hot spots on the South Florida Waterways. Your trip might include sandbars, restaurants or just boating in the vast expanse of the ocean. If you’re looking to relax and see the best spots, don’t hesitate to get a boat for a wonderful experience with tons of memorable moments. We’ll provide an excellent customer experience from the reservation, pricing, and boating. 

Things to know before you book

*After 7 o’clock is counting as after hours and will require a charge of $100 per hour

*Prices include gas, captain, and ice. It does not include food, drinks, or gratuity for the captain.

*Maximum weight for 22′ pontoon: 1,300 lbs maximum.

* Kids under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for them.

*We don’t allow women who are pregnant. We highly recommend people that have back or heart problems do not go in any of our rides. If you have any other health conditions and aren’t sure if you should ride, contact your doctor before doing the activity.

*Route and duration subject to change depending on weather conditions.

*If you wish to re-schedule or cancel your reservation, you must do it with at least 24 hours in advance. If not done within that frame of time, you will lose your ticket or the possibility of re-scheduling for another date. No-shows will also lose their opportunity to rebook or refund their tickets. If you are making a reservation for the same day, or out of our 24 hours in advance policy, the client accepts there are no reschedules, cancellations or refunds.

*Any reservation done out of our 24-hour cancellation policy will be considered a final sale with no option to change, cancel, or refund the total amount paid. Make sure you can be at our location at least 30 minutes prior to the time you are choosing

Frequently Asked Questions:

🥇 What Is a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are recreational vessels based on so-called “pontoons” to float. It comes to a pair of water-resistant tube-shaped buoyancies that don’t allow the boat to sink. The boats also have flat upper decks of different sizes. They are popular for fishing, excursions, and watersports. 

🥇 How Fast Does a Pontoon Boat Go?

Pontoon boats feature an average speed of 18 to 25 MPH. The number of tubes under the deck determines how fast a particular boat is. The motor’s size and the load also play a role. The latter means the number of people aboard and the amount of stuff (food, gear, fishing rods, kits, boxes, accessories for water activities, etc.).

🥇 How Wide Is a Pontoon Boat?

The common widths of pontoon boats presented on the modern market depends on their lengths. Generally, these vessels are from 8 to 10 feet wide. You can also find compact pontoons that are seven and fewer feet wide. Some extremely large models’ widths may exceed 12 feet with the capacity of 26 people.

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