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How Safe Is Jet Skiing? Is It Dangerous or Worth Riding?

How Safe Is Jet Skiing? Is It Dangerous or Worth Riding?

How Safe Is Jet Skiing?

Personal watercraft brings lots of fun, but riding it can also be dangerous. How safe is jet skiing, and what kind of problems can we face? Let’s see some stats to make sure that it is not a lot of fuss for nothing. For example, the experts fixed 676 accidents in the USA in 2018, where 31 became fatal. The number of deaths and injuries reached 613 and 2,559 accidents in 2019. All these facts are the reason for thinking about personal security when you ride in the open waters. To learn about Boating With Children read our article.

How Safe Is Jet Skiing? – Let’s Reveal the Key Dangers

Extreme water activities on jet skis are on the peak of their popularity. Still, they carry within them such dangers as injuries, death, and psychological trauma. However, you should understand that they are more likely consequences rather than reasons. What exactly makes people do things?

  1. When people ride a jet ski, they often think about their groove. They forget about heavy traffic on the water and dozens of folks on the beach near the sea/lake. They drive beyond the speed limits, provoking collisions with either boats or even people on the shore. 
  2. There were many occasions when a fishing boat adrift suffered from the crash with jet skis. The riders used to lose control because of the lack of experience or faulty unverified watercraft.
  3. The amateur riders and even skillful sportsmen often get injuries due to their disability to do the trick. They don’t consider their riding level and ignore safety because they just want to show off for people around them. 

How safe is jet skiing for those daredevils? It is not safe at all. They are better to choose, for example, public transport to stay harmless to their environment and to themselves. Nevertheless, jet skiing might be wholly innocuous and exciting for those following the rules. To learn about Why You Should Be on a Yacht read our article.

How Safe Is Jet Skiing? – Tips for Secure Riding

If you want to avoid injuries and expensive judicial processes, you need knowledge, exercising, and constant improvements. It’s necessary to have a license and follow the signs that regulate the water traffic. Here are some more restrictions to prevent you from getting into the jet-ski accidents. 

  • Never drive PWC at night.
  • Stop children under 13 from riding without an operator. 
  • Pass a safety course to be eligible.
  • Wear a life jacket, which meets the United States Cist Guard’s standards.
  • Keep yourself at no less than 50 feet of another vessel. 
  • Think about having a fire extinguisher.
  • Acquire a sound-producing stuff to make audible noise in poor visibility. 

Many other regulations exist around the country, making it crucial to know about the state’s laws and requirements before driving watercraft. So, how safe is jet skiing if you abide by the rules? – It poses no threat to your and other people’s lives and health, bringing joy and excitement. You may savor reasonably fast riding and develop your balance, coordination skills, and leg muscles, promoting health and taking pleasure in communication with like-minded community.