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How to Tune up a Jet Ski

How to Tune up a Jet Ski

Jet Ski Tune-up – Proper Maintenance to Ensure Long Life for PWC

The jet ski tune-up includes post-ride clean-up to get rid of dust and dirt, winterizing, replacing old parts, changing engine oil, jet pump fluid, and conducting other procedures to let your watercraft run the tip-top shape. All that stuff is the starting point of tuning and its keystone, providing perfect overall performance. However, we need a jet ski for excitement and adventurous high-speed riding. Thus, people jump into upgrades and buy modded parts to improve the original vessel’s characteristics. To learn about How to Sailing Yachts read our article.

Jet Ski Tune-up: Tricks to Increase Speed

How to tune up a jet ski, making it ride faster? 

  • Both third-party mods and original parts are available in the market to prevent you from overpaying for each extra mile per hour or ensure the accessories’ top-notch quality. You can acquire a more powerful engine, advanced impeller, or improve your PWC’s exhaust kit. By the way, the latter won’t horsepower your jet ski but still provide extra juice for a seamless entertainment.
  • If you want to drastically add speed to your watercraft, it’s possible to upgrade the intake grate. Before you get started, bear in mind the jet ski’s additional weight it will get and the upgrade’s low efficiency, if you focus on running in rough waters. You’ll benefit from extra power and the PWC’s stability when you go straight at peak speed in the open waters. 
  • Of course, you might opt for lower weight to move faster. In this case, you can remove ropes, coolers, anchors, extra gas, and other gear to lighten the vessel. 
  • Install the impeller with the proper angle to get more mph. There are many different aftermarket units on sale, making it reasonable to rely on industry experts, manufacturers’ opinions, and the riders’ reviews. Note that another impeller influences the speed but no the PWC’s performance on the water. 

If you lack knowledge and experience in tuning, it’s better to apply to the professionals and reveal the best replacement before you go to the store. The dedicated maintenance shop will help make the right choice, but they feature a wide range of prices. The wave runner tune-up is costly, but it’s possible to make it cheaper if you apply to online dealers instead of visiting a local store. To learn about Fun Things to Do on a Jet Ski read our article.

How to Tune-up a Jet Ski Properly?

The jet ski tune up is sometimes necessary to keep your PWC in order rather than to get higher speed and more horsepower. Besides, many accessories are essential to make driving more comfortable. 

  • For example, you should regularly replace air filters to avoid too fast accumulation of salt, dust, and dirt from inside a PWC hull. Old inefficient air filters make watercraft lose its power. 
  • A high-quality anchor will hold the jet ski in place when you go fishing or just looking at the surroundings. It should feature a significant weight, resistance to corrosion, and a unique design for rocky, brushy, and muddy bottoms. 
  • Solar panels help keep your battery always powered with you ride your PWC very often. 
  • The fenders prevent the watercraft’s hull from damage while mooring.
  • An impeller protector prevents a rider from sucking up towing lines.
  • Towable tubes are an entraining addition to any PWC that allow varying water activities. 

Are you ready to jump into the wave runner tune-up? Start from such cosmetic procedures as polishing and removing faded decals. Then, see if you can afford serious upgrades to avoid ruining the budget. However, don’t save money on parts to make good, useful improvements and provide your PWC with the appropriate extras since any tuning should extend the jet ski’s life.