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Useful Tips for a Perfect Yacht Charter

Useful Tips for a Perfect Yacht Charter

Useful Tips for a Perfect Yacht Charter

Buying a boat entails its maintenance, storing, and repairs that cost expenditures and needs extra time. The purchase is reasonable if you jump into sailing as a lifestyle. However, it would be wiser to book a yacht if you want to have a vacation on the high seas. 

Renting is much cheaper and less worrying, primarily when it deals with cruiser boats. They are available for booking online and offer various models, sizes, amenities, and associated extra services. You can choose a suitable vessel for different activities to ensure either a peaceful rest or a fast ride, including all the possible off-land pleasures. Boat rental lets you pay per hour without worrying about fuel and the depreciation’s influence of your vessel’s resale value.

How to Rent the Right Boat?

You are definitely going to want to delve into various activities. Boat rental allows choosing different yachts each time you invent a new entertainment. If you need a particular model, or you are still pondering the type of vacation you’d like to get, consider the list of available watercraft:

  1. Pontoon Boats

These vessels can match your various preferences and plans. It’s possible to use it for friends or family gathering up to 12 passengers. They are capable enough to let you pack food and gear for picnics and fishing. Pontoon boats float trouble-free in shallow waters to let you combine sea adventures with fun on the beach. 

  1. Deck Boats

Deck models have much in common with pontoons, but more power and speed makes a difference. They are an excellent choice for fast rides and spending a day ina company of friends.

  1. Fishing Boats

Generally, you can adapt any vessel for fishing by various upgrades. However, when you rent a fishing watercraft, it comes ready for the adventure fitted with all the necessary equipment. 

  1. Cabin Cruisers

The yachts are averagely 20–40 feet long and suitable for a relatively long journey in the sea. They are fully fitted vessels to let you cook, take a bath, and have fun there. Some of them feature private bedrooms. 

  1. Motor Yachts

Recreational motor watercraft match those who crave ocean crossing or coastal tours. 

Boat-Hire Tips to Make Vacation Dreams Come True

The following tips provide easy rental for the firs-time clients, making it possible to rent a vessel that matches their requirements and purpose of use. First, let’s consider the checklist to clean up the formalities with the charter company.

  • Make your journey safe, meaning to apply to a reputable licensed company with a professional crew. Check their documents, as well as all the required equipment is aboard and works flawlessly. Make sure your skipper is completely sober before and during the trip. 
  • Ask a manager about extra costs (towels, inflatable tubes/boats, harbor dues, etc.) before signing an agreement.
  • Know about the terms and amount of refundable deposit.
  • Check that the rent includes taxes, insurance, and fuel.

The next list of tips deals with your responsibility, meaning things you should do or have to stay healthy and happy throughout the journey.

  • Think about the clothes that you can wear in layers. The wind is changeable and moody on the high seas, and extremes of temperature with cold spots are possible.
  • Take all the necessary medicines to cope with sickness, gastrointestinal dysfunction, headaches, and other problems. 
  • Put more sunscreen than usually in a bag since your skin is more vulnerable to the sun than in the city. Don’t forget about comfortable headwear and sunglasses marked 100% UV protection.
  • Leave your fancy dresses at home and think about the shoes that won’t damage the deck.

If there are kids on a yacht, you should take care about their comfort. Ask the charter company whether they have small-sized jackets and enough space to let the children sleep. If it deals with the smallest daredevils, take along toys and other stuff to entertain them. 

Some Hacks to Get More Impressions of Your Cruise

If you leave far from your estimated vacation spot or the boating is seasonal in your location, it would be better to make a rental reservation in advance. Consider arriving a day before your journey to sign the contract and check all the details. Take along a copy of your confirmation letter to avoid misunderstanding. See also 10 Useful Tips for First-Timer Sailors.

Fishing, tubes, and other water toys will make your yacht charter more entertaining. You can also sunbathe in a lounge chair with a cocktail in your hand. It will be a great idea to drop off at the nearest port for sightseeing. Romantic dinner or a party onboard spice up your evening on a yacht. When you ride the waves on a boat, don’t miss sunrises and sunsets, sparkling with bright colors and mellow hues, and gently shades.