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What To Visit on a Catamaran Boat?

What To Visit on a Catamaran Boat?

Due to their comfort, space, and overall performance, catamarans are popular with calm sea anglers, active leisure fans, and long-distance ocean cruise lovers. In particular, catamarans are used in professional yacht racing, and some are considered the fastest sailboats in the world. But overall, catamarans have been cruising in blue waters worldwide for years.

Have you decided to take a catamaran tour in Miami, Florida? Nice! Experience a completely different side of Florida on a catamaran boat with a professional captain. Whether a sailing trip, party or special event, there is a catamaran boat for your needs. Enjoy sunset boat trips, water sports, and fishing, and spend an unforgettable day with family and friends.

Select the start date and the duration of the trip. Then choose the option that suits you, for example, the number of guests, the type of ship, and the price range. Choose a destination. That is all!

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What Places You Will Visit

Miami is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Miami is called “Magic City,” and Miami Beach is popular all over the world. Brickell, Downtown, and Key Biscayne are other places to visit when renting a catamaran in Miami.

This city is known for its lively nightlife to keep you entertained. Those who rent a catamaran can enjoy water sports like fishing and diving or just relax on the beach. For an unforgettable experience, Miami offers restaurants that can be reached by boat. For example, Sea Spice or Shuckers Bar and Grill.

Moreover, this part of the USA has turquoise waters like the Caribbean, and renting a catamaran in Miami is a great way to explore the region. You can rent a boat in most ports and marinas. Some popular places to party and chill on a catamaran are Haulover Beach in North Miami, Whale Harbor Marina, and Nixon Beach in Key Biscayne. In addition, some of the more famous destinations, such as Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay, and the picturesque lighthouse of Boca Chita Island, can only be reached by a boat.

Advantages of Taking a Catamaran Boat Tour

An independent sea voyage is an opportunity to look into the most remote corners and visit bays and lagoons where it is impossible to get by other ways. A trip on a catamaran boat from the JetBoatMiami company means getting new impressions, acquaintances, and places that are not on standard excursion routes. Choosing to rent a catamaran boat, you can be sure of complete safety, as it provides a professional team of sailors. 

Also, one of the main advantages is a unique tan that you can only obtain on a boat. The smooth, beautiful bronze shade will be a great reminder of a great trip. 

For residents of megacities, a trip on a catamaran boat will be a great way to warm up physically, combining periods of complete relaxation. This is the best for those who live in the city and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Such trips can unite all family members. You get an excellent balance between work and leisure and a great opportunity to gain vivid impressions during a joint vacation with close people.

How To Prepare for a Catamaran Boat Trip

Experience or special training is not required. The offer description usually reports all requirements without which the trip is impossible. Your task is to study it carefully and draw the right conclusions.

Here are a few rules that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Learn about restrictions (for example, children from 7 years old are often allowed on board only if accompanied by adults);
  • Listen carefully to instructions;
  • Move along the deck, holding on to the fixed part of the catamaran boat with one hand;
  • Wear life jackets;
  • If you don’t know how to swim, warn the skipper, instructor, or guide about this;
  •  Clarify whether the boat has all the necessary means to rescue drowning people and whether the staff can provide first aid;
  • Carefully study the program of your tour so that not a single minute of the journey is wasted;
  • Collect a personal first aid kit;
  • Think over the outfit and remember that the weather can change a little;

That is all. Now you are ready for the trip. By the way, you can also read about “Where do Miami speedboat tours go?” and make plans for another trip.