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What Types of Jet Boats Do We Have?

What Types of Jet Boats Do We Have?

Miami is one of the most magnificent cities in the world and a favorite holiday destination for ordinary people and celebrities. With a well-developed tourist infrastructure and many attractions, no one can remain indifferent. A high-speed cruise on Jet Boats offers an adrenaline-filled, unforgettable, and emotional journey.

With a warm climate and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, this activity in Miami is suitable for those who want to try extreme water sports for the first time. So, a nice journey awaits you. You can capture everything with your camera and make it a lifelong memory.

You can view Miami’s sights from a different perspective than usual. Instead of dreaming of a little trip in front of the TV, you can realize everything right now! A knowledgeable and entrepreneurial JetBoatMiami staff provides the boat and detailed instructions to make your trip safe. But first, you need to read a “How to choose an adrenaline jet boat ride” guide to understand which is best for you.

Jet Ski for Extreme Lovers

A high-speed cruise on Jet Ski offers an adrenaline-filled, unforgettable, and emotional journey. Some Jet Skis can reach speeds of over 150 km/h, and the feeling of running across the ocean at top speed is indescribable. A water ski trip stretches more than 60 km along Miami’s crystal clear coastal waters. You can ride the best and fastest jet skis on this open-air tour. These tours are accompanied by an experienced guide to ensure your safety and take great photos. These stunning water skiing photos deserve a place on your Instagram page. This water excursion is great for families, seniors, and couples. Jet skiing along the Atlantic coast of Miami is a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your vacation. Would you like to experience jet skiing in Miami?

For a nice adventure, take:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream

Flyboard for Those Who Want to Fly

People who prefer less extreme activities look for “What to visit on a catamaran boat?” posts. However, many want to try something unusual. Wakeboarding, jet skiing, and other activities on the water have a worthy competitor – flyboarding. You can soar up and perform dizzying stunts over the water. Two elements are combined here (water and air), and you can feel the feeling of free flight. The flight height of a flyboard varies from six to ten meters. It depends directly on the power of the watercraft to which the hose is connected. Before the flight, you will be given a helmet and vest (a wetsuit option is also possible) and a brief instruction.

For a nice adventure, take: 

  • Swimsuit

Banana Boat for Having Fun

Banana rides are the most popular and fun entertainment. Bananas are usually yellow and look like familiar tropical fruits. This boat usually carries five to ten people, each with their hands behind the front belts to prevent them from jumping into the water. A speedboat carries passengers and pulls a banana across the water. The high speed and sharp turns make passengers laugh and scream, and they can hardly stand. Sometimes they fall into the water. Then the boat slows down, and the instructor takes people out of the water. If you fall into the sea, you can stay above the surface thanks to the inflatable life jackets worn by passengers who can’t swim. 

Feel the sea breeze and its movement on the surface as you ride your banana boat like an ocean cowboy. Keeping your balance while riding a banana is fun and easy, and the occasional fall and climb back add to the adventure.

For a nice adventure, take:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

What You Need to Know 

Jet boats require special attention and safety measures. The list of rules is small but definitely useful:

  • You must always remember that the apparent ease of control is a hidden danger. You mustn’t forget that you can become the culprit of an emergency situation at any moment.
  • You must wear special protective equipment: a wetsuit, life jacket, gloves, and a helmet.
  • The ability to swim well and stay on the water is a must.
  • Carefully listen to the safety briefing and ask for clarification of points you don’t understand. 
  • Inspect the equipment for damage and technical malfunctions.
  • Riding perpendicular to the waves is reckless. If you jump on the wave, it will be very difficult to stay on it without experience.
  • Drunk driving is strictly prohibited.

Remember that safety on the water is necessary and important. Don’t neglect it!